2020 Golf R Horsepower

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2020 Golf R Horsepower

2020 Golf R Horsepower welcome to vwsuvmodels.com now you can find expert reviews for the latest models Volkswagen SUVs from U.S. in our site. For quite some time, Volkswagen has had no competition against golf, much less its performance hatchbacks. Many car manufacturers simply thought that the sedans were preferable over hatchback counterparts.

With crosses and SUV’s taking the market, it only became a matter of time before other brands realized that these cars are a solid choice for individual drivers living active lifestyles. Although the 292 horsepower 2018 VW Golf R is certainly no slouch, now compete against models like the 2018 Ford Focus RS. So what will the next generation of VW Golf R offer in 2020?

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The rumor has it, although it is not confirmed, that the 2020 Volkswagen Golf R could offer up to 400 horsepower. Although we say competing against models like the Ford Focus RS, there is something of an ironic twist here. Looks like Ford is cutting his car lineup to focus mainly on SUV’s and trucks. Just as VW makes it a target for blowing the 350 horsepower out of the water, it may no longer be available anyway. However, with a starting price of $41,120, it was not necessarily a hot ticket item anyway.

It is unclear whether the 2020 Volkswagen Golf R will change the price of its current initial MSRP of $39,785, although we hope it remains competitive. Especially since only time will tell if another great competitor, the Honda Civic Type R, continues to give the golf R a run for his money. The Civic was for quite a while without a hatchback option, so we can’t see Honda giving up something that just started to produce once again.

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See, that soft hybrid system has a small battery system and only offers a power boost for a short period of time. Unless VW is willing to (or find a way to) tune the current engine to 400 ponies, design a new four-banger that is more powerful than any other, or come up with a way to deliver a constant power boost, specification of 400 horsepower It’ll be a part-time thing.

Stackmann also said it would be more expressive, which probably means it will take on its most aggressive aspect yet. Of course, the trade-off is probably going to be an increase in the price expressed by this quote:
“With a slightly more expressive design, R can go beyond the rational side of things. [The R-mark] can find its place in a different league of pure performance, and there is a space where customers are willing to pay a significant amount of money “.

A part of me is very excited to hear this. I’m a big fan of golf R, and it’s always sucked that delivered mediocre performance compared to the competition. But, I’m worried about that soft hybrid system and how long the next Golf R will be able to deliver that extra boost in performance. After all, that little battery and temporary boost will be good for quick acceleration here and there, but will you be able to repeat the performance after time or the golf R can’t deliver a good part of the time?

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2020 Golf R Horsepower

I doubt very much that Volkswagen is able to tune the 2.0-liter in the current model to deliver so much power. You may be able to deliver 340 horsepower or so, but anything beyond that would push the limits of your engineering. The other big problem here is that the head of sales and marketing for VW is about to make the same mistake they did with the Touareg and get out of their place in the world: “There is a space where customers are willing to pay a significant amount of money. “

This should be obvious, but that’s exactly why the Touareg failed. VW tried to get out of the affordable car market where it belongs and in the luxury segment. It didn’t work so well, and that’s why the Touareg is no longer sold in the United States. The golf R already has a price of approximately $40,000, which means that VW is probably going to try to pass it as a $50,000 hatchback. VW has always had a problem with thinking it is more exclusive than it is, and now the golf R is about to be put through the doorbell as well.