2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date

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2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date

2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date welcome to vwsuvmodels.com now you can find expert reviews for the latest models Volkswagen SUVs from the U.S. in our site. The seventh generation Volkswagen Golf GTI may still be the most popular hot block hack out there, but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth after more than four years on the market. With Ford already working on a new generation Focus ST that will be significantly more powerful than the current Golf GTI, 2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date will soon have to roll out a new hatch. Thankfully, Germans are already testing the next-generation Golf GTI, which is rumored to break cover sometime in 2021.

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Not much is known about the upcoming performance hatchback, but he should borrow many design features seen on recently introduced Volkswagen models, including the sporty Arteon sedan. The company also promises a revolution within the cabin, including a “totally digital environment,” according to the head of design Klaus Bischoff. With a revised version of the MQB platform, it will also create a new engine with power values of up to 250bhp. Let’s learn more about it in the speculative review below.

2021 Volkswagen GTI Exterior

Although Volkswagen GTI still uses the old body for Golf Mk8 test cars, the Hatchback will definitely get the company’s latest design language. We’ve seen it on a number of rebooted models, including the Arteon sedan, which has replaced the CC. The Golf also benefits from a larger front grid, larger headlights, and a more aggressive bumper. The GTI package replaces the horizontal slats in the grid with a honeycomb fabric and adds the traditional red stripe on each side of the logo.

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Our designer also added C-shaped LED lights to the large, black-painted air slits on each side of the lower grid and a heavily shaped bonnet. On the sides, the upcoming golf shouldn’t change much, so look for the same traditional hat grill. However, it will sport revamped mirror caps (likely with a carbon fiber option), a muscular belt, and beer core seeds. A new set of wheels completes the look.

The rear area is likely to look very familiar, although 2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date is likely to redesign the tail lights to accommodate new LED lights. In the bumper, further changes will become visible that will gain a new diffused element, hopefully significantly more aggressive than the worldly unit seen on the current GTI. For the first time ever, there will be “Golf ” lettering under the “VW ” badge, similar to the new Arteon.

Design aside, the new Golf GTI will be slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. As well as giving the Hatchback a more planted posture, it will increase stability and provide a bit more legroom and elbow room in the cabin.

2021 Volkswagen GTI Interior

The interior of the upcoming Golf Mk8 remains a mystery without spy footage, but the latest Polo and Touareg models give some valuable clues.

Although the Golf won’t be identical to any of the aforementioned cars, it will have similar tones, starting with a much cleaner dashboard with rectangular slings at the corners and in the middle pile. I get a much bigger infotainment screen in the middle, with the Touareg’s 15-inch display likely to be offered on the more expensive trimming. A digital instrument cluster is also on the table. As usual, the redesign will include a new steering wheel, revamped seats, new cushions, and materials, as well as an expanded space for the rear passengers.

On the technical front, Volkswagen promises a “revolution. ” According to the head of design Klaus Bischoff, the upcoming Golf will have a “total digital environment “; The only analog aspect is basically the steering wheel. “

Karlheinz Hell, the small Volkswagen coach, also said that the upcoming Golf will take the hat in a new era: “The next golf course will take 2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date in the era of fully-fledged vehicles with advanced autonomous driving capabilities. is always online and its digital cockpit and help systems will be the reference point for connectivity and security. “

2021 Volkswagen GTI Engine

The official chassis details are still under wraps, but we know the upcoming Golf GTI will use an updated version of the company’s well-known MQB platform. The word says the improved substrates will help shed up to 70kg (about 154 pounds) compared to the previous model through the use of lighter materials. Combined with other weight-saving features, the new Golf GTI could be around £200 lighter than the old model, which translates into better performance and fuel economy.

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Speaking of performance, the GTI will retain its place between the standard Golf and the merit-based R model in the lineup. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will also continue to be used, but the turbocharge-up will work in conjunction with a 48V mild hybrid system. The technology includes motor-off sailing, an integrated starter engine and generator, and electric-powered turbochargers. The output is still a mystery, but the upcoming model should be the most powerful ever built, generating over 250bhp.

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2021 Volkswagen GTI Release Date

With the next-gen Ford Focus ST, which is to receive the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine from RS with at least 270 horsepower, the Golf GTI should be equipped with at least 250 horses in the base trim. Volkswagen is likely to continue to offer the performance package, which is expected to increase the GTI’s performance to at least 270 hp. An updated all-wheel-drive system provides more stability, traction, and dynamism. It’s said that 2021 Volkswagen GTI is working on an electric-powered rear axle for the 4Motion system, but that could only be offered on the Golf R model.

Given the extra power, hybrid build-up and lighter starting weight, the new Golf GTI should be half a second faster from 0 to 62 mph. The outgoing model takes 6.4 seconds to hit 62 mph, so expect the Mk8 version to get there in 5.9 clicks. The top speed remains at the usual 155 km/h.

2021 Volkswagen GTI Price

Price information is obviously not available at this point, but it can be assumed that the redesign will add a premium to the current sticker. With the departing GTI of $26,415, the Mk8 model could fetch around $28,000 before options. Volkswagen has already confirmed that production of the eighth-generation Gulf will start in June 2021, so the GTI model could break coverage by the end of 2021.