2021 VW Golf 8 GTI: New Golf GTI Powerful and Sporty Specs Review

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2021 VW Golf 8 GTI The Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 is affordable, practical, and – most importantly for people like us – a brilliant propulsion engine.

As the current generation nears the end of its life cycle, it continues to impress: It has won several annual 10Best awards, including this latest list-making.

  • High
    Very fun for the price, good transmission, stylish and practical.
  • Lowest
    The quality of the ride can be a bit harsh, for some it is too light, the prices of competitors are cheaper.
  • Decided
    The Mk 7 Golf GTI is an excellent sports compact.

2021 VW Golf R MK8

2021 VW Golf R MK8, It should be noted that although the European market Mk8 Golf GTI model has an output identical to the Australian model,

Locally shipped cars will not feature the petrol particulate filter (PPF) fitted on the European model, as it is largely considered incompatible with the low-octane form of the Australian high sulfur fuel.

2021 VW golf gti USA, In Europe, the new generation Volkswagen Golf GTI can complete the 0-100km / h sprint in 6.3 seconds, heading for an electronically limited top speed of 250km / h.

Volkswagen Australia’s decision to use an automatic-only engine for the new GTI was the same as its predecessor ‘Mk7.5’,

Which offered a choice of manual transmission and dual-clutch until the three-pedal option was discontinued from the local range in October 2018, when the ‘Performance’ 180kW / 370Nm engine became standard-fit.

2021 VW Golf 8 GTI Alltrack

2021 Volkswagen golf alltrack Update: Overall vehicle length changed to show the new model is roughly three inches longer than the previous model.

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf range continues to expand, at least in markets outside the United States.

In addition to the standard, hybrid, and GTI performance-focused hatchbacks, we now have the Volkswagen Golf Variant and Alltrack models, which are officially debuting.

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI makes a triumphant

Of course, we are talking about the long roof version of golf, designed for families who are not necessarily interested in what to offer the SUV.

The good news for the new generation is that there is no more room than ever before to transport children, people, cargo or simply enjoy the outdoors.

The variant is longer and the wheelbase is longer than before. Specifically, the total length is 182.28 inches (4.63 meters) and uses a wheelbase of 105.75 inches (2.68 meters).

Compared to the seventh generation model, it is about 3 inches longer with 2.6 inches more between the wheels.

This means more legroom, which adds up to about 1.5 inches. The width and height (without longitudinal bars) are the same as those of the Five-Door Golf.

Also, the boot is a little bigger than the old Variant and we mean a little. With the rear seats in place, you’ll find 21.58 cubic feet (611 liters) while 21.37 cubic feet (605 liters) pre-exist.

Folding goods and space extends to 57.99 cubic feet (1,642 liters), representing the same indiscriminate increase.

The cargo area has bag hooks and fastening rings, and can also be equipped with two power sockets, one 12 volts, and one 230 volts.

Optionally, the gate has a hands-free function, where you just have to put your foot under the bumper to open it. Of course, the key has to be near you to make this happen.

Since we are already familiar with Golf 8, the discussion about design changes is shifted to the back.

The slightly protruding shoulders, rear spoiler, and volume bumper create a very sporty look for this wagon, even more so if you go for the R-Line version.

Meanwhile, the side view of the new Golf Variant resembles a coupe thanks to the design of the third side window.

This is a neat optical trick for the exterior as if the roofline is lower, the headroom for the occupiers promises to be quite good.

Speaking under the mechanical hood you will find the same power options as the standard Golf. For Europe, this means a variety of turbocharged engines burning gasoline or diesel, ranging from 110 to 150 horsepower.

Some engine options may be special in different regions, but it is unlikely that the full hybrid will be offered, at least very soon.

Such a platform will receive valuable cargo space, but the VW light hybrid ETSI option is still available here.

There will be a very un-hybrid high-performance R model, we hope it will come later. A spy photo showing Variant with four exhaust tips and low profile tires is definitely encouraging on this front, say the least.

As for the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack in 2021, standard 4Motion will launch in parallel with Varian with all-wheel drive and more ground height.

Of course, this is distinguished from the aesthetics of the outdoor lifestyle, which is achieved through the plastic covering around the lower part of the body.

The interior is also easy to customize, and depending on the engine choice, it is capable of pulling up to 4,400 pounds (2,000 kilograms).

Volkswagen says the Varian and Alltrack will be launched in late 2020 as 2021 models for the European market.

A wider rollout in markets outside of Europe will follow in 2021, but don’t expect the launch to come to US shores. Pricing will be announced near the date of sale.

2021 VW Golf 8 GTI R Specs

With a four-cylinder engine that produces 228 hp and great manual and automatic transmissions, this front-driver is very fast. Of course, speed doesn’t equal engagement.

Fortunately, Volkswagen has ensured this hot hatch provides agile handling and communicative feedback. These characteristics also apply to its sedan sibling, the Jetta GLI.

While its stable styling and the above-average price won’t appeal to everyone, the GTI’s holistic approach to performance and undeniable versatility makes it the ultimate sport compact.

2021 vw golf 8 gti price A lot has happened in the time since

The Golf GTI is currently in good standing, but 2021 is the final model year for this generation.

While the upcoming 2022 model marks a promising evolution, there’s still a lot to love about the Mk 7, which hasn’t changed for its goose song.

The GTI’s 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine is one of the best. Offering a reasonable amount of power, it provides instant response and solid acceleration.

The clutch pedal on the manual model is easy to use, which means shifting gears is never a daunting task. But if you’d rather let the car handle the changes, the optional automatic dual-clutch is no slouch either.

We happily drive the GTI every day. It’s agile and responsive and takes angles beautifully. Most importantly, this hatchback is well-coordinated and does what you want.

The GTI reacts to steering input so quickly and accurately that you would think the car was a living thing. Plus, the brakes are sturdy and progressive on the road and strong on the track.

Personnel, Handling, and Security

In keeping with tradition, the new GTI is powered by a 2.0-liter, direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a total power of 245 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. Compared to its direct predecessor, this is a 17 hp and 15 lb-ft increase.

All that power is channeled to the front wheels via a standard six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It is important to note that these figures are for the European GTI market and they may have changed slightly for their US counterparts. Showtime is also not available.

Although this is not a big power, the GTI is also known as a true driver’s car. VW engineers were very focused on improving handling by developing a new driving dynamics control system called “Vehicle Dynamics Manager.” The system manages the XDS electronic locking differential and optional DCC adaptive damping.

Some of the standard safety features include automatic emergency braking and lane maintenance assistance with pedestrian detection, and electronic locking differential. There is even a Car2X local communication system with other vehicles and traffic infrastructure.

2021 VW Golf R Manual Transmission

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will feature several carry-over aspects, including the refined retention of the MQB platform and a refurbished EA888 engine.

The quoted output remains 180kW / 370Nm unchanged, although VW says a revised shift-by-wire DSG transmission will allow for faster gear changes.

VW is offering the Mk 8 GTI with a seven-speed DSG transmission and a six-speed manual internationally, although we weren’t hoping for a Down Under manual as Volkswagen Australia previously removed the self-shifter from our market.

The revisions to the damping will see a greater difference between comfort and dynamics, while the new Vehicle Dynamics Manager will not only control the electronic front differential, but also the shocking behavior and steering response for grip which is reportedly improved through curves.

2021 VW Golf Interior

The Interior Is Familiar, But High-Tech, Step inside and GTI fans should pay attention to some familiarity, namely the dual three-spoke sports steering wheel, golf ball transfer knob (for the six-speed manual),

And the GTI tartan sports seats. However, the sports steering wheel is also equipped with several control functions, such as the optional Travel Assist button.

Volkswagen’s interior is simple and well-made, the GTI is no exception. Although the main selling points of this car are the agility and driver’s feedback, buyers can still equip their cool car with some luxury features.

2021 volkswagen golf 8 r mark 8 can the new Mark 8 GTI

Notable options include dual-zone automatic climate control and a 12-way adjustable leather power seat, but the GTI is very comfortable in its basic guise.

Four people can travel in reasonable comfort with one of them, but don’t expect a lot of scattered space in the rear seats. The entire Golf family enjoys generous cargo space, easy-to-fold seats, and useful in-cabin storage space.

Thanks to the nearly flat load floor, you will have no trouble packing your car for the trip to the beach or back from IKEA.

Every model in the GTI lineup is equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen, but in our tests, it sometimes responded slowly to input.

This system uses a mix of touch and voice commands as well as several menu-based buttons. It’s as easy to operate as a smartphone in general.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is also standard and makes device integration easy.

Sleek New Exterior

Perhaps the first thing you should notice is the new, more charismatic, exterior styling of the GTI. While the overall form of the five-door hatchback remains, the VW designers went to great lengths with more specific details.

The standard LED headlights are now positioned lower and create a striking bar along with the grille.

When your eyes are towards the end of the hood, you will see a narrow red line running down the front end. When the daytime light is on, the red LED strip on the headlights is activated.

Perhaps the most striking design aspect is the bottom grid. This is a big and sporty cool looking honeycomb pattern. Optional integrated fog lamps are located on each side.

This is an interesting choice, without a doubt, and in our opinion, it worked really well. The rear sports LED taillights and an aggressive sports diffuser. A pair of polished consumable tips were incorporated into it.

Another nice design touch is the C-pillar. Not only does it visually push the body of the vehicle forward, but it has also been styled in homage to the original GTI design.

Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI 2021 MPG

Fuel savings in the sport-compact class range from acceptable to excellent and the GTI delivers some solid figures.

According to the EPA, the automatic model is the most efficient with city ratings of 24 mpg and highway 32 mpg; using manual reduces those figures to 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway.

The Golf GTI exceeded expectations in our real-world testing, sweetening the deal. The last version we tested delivered 36 mpg during our 200-mile highway test.

2021 VW Golf R Release Date

Volkswagen Australia Caradvice today confirmed the eighth generation of Volkswagen’s front driver,

The cult-favorite hot hatch will land in local showrooms in early-to-mid May 2021, about a week or two after the core 110kW Golf rangelands in coastal Australia.

When local dealerships arrive, the next-generation Golf GTI will be offered only with a seven-speed ‘DSG’ dual-clutch automatic transmission, the six-speed manual option offered in Europe and the US is forbidden to us. Sunday.

2021 VW Golf 8 GTI Price

While the price and full specifications will be officially confirmed with the arrival of the new GTI, the full range of technology, security, and performance features available in Europe is likely to be offered in Australia, either as standard or as an option.

We recommend mid-level SE flooring, which comes standard with LED headlights, leather upholstery, blind-spot monitoring, and a panoramic sunroof.

2021 vw golf r the eighth-generation

While we think the dual-clutch automatic transmission is large (and affordable), we stick with the standard manual transmission. This job is one of the best and every trip makes for an interesting experience.

Pricing and Competition

For now, VW has released only official images and details of the Europe-spec GTI Golf in 2021, but the US version will look the same on both inside and outside, except perhaps a few smaller elements.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet but we don’t expect it to differ much from the previous model’s $ 28,595 base price. Fully loaded, it costs around $ 35,000.

Since the Golf GTI was the original hot hatch, it is considered a segment benchmark.

Naturally, competing automakers have stepped up the challenge over the years in their quest to beat the GTI. The Ford Focus ST will be a major rival, but it’s no longer sold in the United States.

Perhaps the GTI’s most formidable enemy of the US market will be the Hyundai Veloster N. It’s a comparative test that we can’t wait to see.

Volkswagen has yet to give an official sales date, but we predict it will be later this year or early next year.


If you like a more uncompromising and matte hot hatch like the i30 N or the Ford Focus ST, you will also run into problems with the GTI number 8.

While the new car is more agile and feels sportier, it is even more stable and grippy too. The new GTI is not much different from its predecessors, which are said to be very subtle but unpleasant.

From the point of view of adrenaline junkies and performance buffs, this is a bit of a shame.

But for almost any other point of view, this is a compliment. This GTI is a GTI – very fast, very easy to set up, high build quality, and a character perfect for long-distance running.

  • 2.0 liter I4 ENGINE with a turbocharger
  • OUTPUT 245 Horsepower / 273 Pound-Feet
  • TYPE OF DRIVE Front Wheel Drive
  • TRANSMISSION 7-Speed ​​Dual Coupling
  • SPEED 0-62 MPH 6.3 Seconds
  • 155 MPH MAXIMUM SPEED (electronically limited)
  • WEIGHT 3,218 Pounds
  • CARGO VOLUME 13.4 / 44.9 Cubic Feet
  • BASIC PRICE $ 30,000 (estimate)