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2022 Volkswagen Beetle Based on the information we’ve known since Volkswagen announced plans to build a modern Microbus based on its new electric car platform, we wondered if the automaker would do the same with the Beetle.

As it turns out, it’s possible: Earlier this week, Autocar reported that VW was considering building a four-door electric Beetle, and our colleagues at Car and Driver think so too.

Sure enough, VW executives had a new electric Beetle in mind. Last November, VW brand head Herbert Deiss – a staunch supporter of the modern electric Microbus – launched the Beetle EV as a possibility. He also said the future Beetle is rear-wheel drive, like the original, and unlike the two versions of the modern front-engine Beetle.

The current-generation Beetle will end production shortly, and VW has no direct replacement for it. In 2020, Volkswagen will launch the ID hatchback, the first car to use the new EV platform, and the Microbus-inspired ID Buzz will arrive in 2022.

So, if the Beetle is to come back as an electric car, we probably won’t see it sooner. After 2022.

Speaking with Autocar VW Design Klaus Bischoff, Klaus Bischoff confirmed that his team has designed a concept for a four-door Beetle that drives on the same platform as the ID hatch, but nothing more. He said the 2022 VW Beetle should focus a lot on bringing bulky resale EVs to the market before considering a new Beetle.

The four-door insect idea is interesting. While a simpler one might opt for two doors, the addition of a rear door might be more appealing to the Beetle – likewise, the Mini expanded its sales by introducing a four-door model of its retro-inspired car.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle News: New VW Beetle 2022

According to Motortrend’s interview with Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, the immediate answer to whether the company plans to build an electric Beetle is “No. You have to do something emotional, but I don’t think we can cover the historic Volkswagen lineup with electric cars, and we shouldn’t. “

2022 Volkswagen Beetle

And it’s not just the electric Volkswagen Beetle that’s causing trouble – the bug itself is history at the end of this year.

Seriously, is there a car more “emotional” than the Love Bug? Does the driving experience get any more emotional than seeing the dandelions of millions of Beetle shoppers housed in their new dashboard-mounted Beetle vases? Are there hippies in their 70s who can’t get the wrong picture of their younger, barefoot selves walking around town in tie-dye shirts, beads, and headbands saying “Get Together,” “For What It’s Worth” and “Dance To?” In the Music ”from their VW beetle, Beetle 2022 the pavement under the gas pedal is visible from rust?

The relaunch of the Beetle in 1997 was an extraordinary step. Unlike some iconic do-over brands that have retained their name and nothing else, the 2022 VW Bug wisely relied on the instantly recognizable Bug pod shape, and missing was an old car impossible to move with wafer-thin doors and a noisy engine.

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Strange phenomenon. I’ve tested eight Beetles since the relaunch, and while each test was fun and I got a ton of “Awww” views in a city environment, I found the Beetle the Rodney Dangerfield from a car on the freeway – no respect.

Time and time again, people quieted down in front of me, no signal, no horn, just “Make way, little boy,” and it could be evasive action or preparing to be crushed.

Despite the lack of respect on the road, this new Bug excels in its smart, solid design and relatively low price tag. It is also a gift to the great and high; a really big friend bought it a year or two ago and still swears by the ease of getting in and out.

The crux of the bomb news comes after the Geneva auto show, where Diess revealed the imminent arrival of an electric Volkswagen microbus (2022) in collaboration with e. Go Mobile, the German startup that built VW’s “ID Buggy”.

Beetle fans can cheer themselves up knowing that this year marks the debut of Volkswagen’s new Arteon sedan with “bold exterior styling”.

Volkswagen Beetle 2022: New Beetle 2022

A few months ago, Volkswagen announced that the production of the Beetle was coming to an end. The “people’s car”, which was born under the Nazi regime, is about to be retired.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle

However, VW Beetle 2022 is an icon, one should not speak too fast. Look what happened 20 years ago when the German automaker released a version called the New Beetle. Although the original version is still circulating in some parts of the world, it left us in 1979.

As for the loss of the current model, it’s been officially announced and it’s definitely real, but there’s no indication that the car isn’t coming back someday.

Well, it looks like this will happen in the near future. We have learned that the company is considering reviving its flagship model as an electric car.

In fact, Volkswagen is working on developing the MEB platform with an emphasis on versatility. The new architecture will support electric vehicles from the ID line-up, which ranges from the basic hatchback to the Microbus-inspired ID Buzz van.

The automaker’s decision maker is evaluating the electric beetle to compliment the ID Buzz, whose retro look has already caught the eye of future buyers.

In an interview with Autocar magazine, Volkswagen’s design manager Klaus Bischoff noted that the future ID hatchback, as well as the Beetle, will be the smallest vehicles to use the MEB platform.

“If we decide to make a Beetle from this platform, you have a lot of room so there is no compromise in functionality any more. So it could be a very interesting car”, he told the magazine.

We’ll have to be patient before we expect to see an electric Beetle show up at dealerships. Volkswagen plans to sell at least three higher-volume models from its ID line-up before moving on to the electric Beetle project.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Redesign

2022 Volkswagen Bug According to Forbes, “When the VW board met last November, VW’s Welsch told enthusiast magazine they approved plans for up to 30 electric vehicles in the next ten years, but there was no support for the new Beetle in the mix. Sales have been slow and enthusiasm for its design is thin within the company and among dealers. “

2022 Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle has been redesigned and relaunched several times over the years, starting with the “New Beetle” in 1997 after sales and enthusiasm waned after the 70s. That one was discontinued in 2011 to be replaced by a “Beetle” which was designed to appeal a little more to men with a less rounded appearance.

Unfortunately, the hype hasn’t been around for a while now, and VW feels it’s time to say goodbye.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Electric

Volkswagen in July announced that the Beetle would run until sunset after 2019, this time for good.

While there is speculation that the iconic nameplate may return as an affordable EV based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular platform for battery-electric cars, VW has put a stop to those rumors with the animated short film “The Last Mile.” It’s set to air during Dick Clark’s “Rockin ‘New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest” today on ABC.

The short film tells the story of a man whose major events in his life – from childhood to old age – are shaped and influenced by the presence of Kumbang, in this case, the original icon.

There’s also the New Beetle launched in 1998 and its successor introduced in 2012. At the end of the clip, there’s a glimpse of the ID 4, a battery-electric crossover SUV set to launch in 2020 – a “people’s car” for a new era.

“The Beetle is easily one of the most recognizable cars in automobile history,” said Saad Chehab, senior vice president, of marketing for the VW brand. “We are proud of our past, but our eyes are on the future, which is why it was our choice on New Year’s Eve to hint at our upcoming long-range EV.”

Even with the Beetle leaving, VW will continue to offer retro-inspired models. The spiritual successor to the Microbus previewed by the 2017 ID Buzz concept car and based on the MEB platform will arrive in 2022.

VW may also have some other surprises to share with the MEB platform in the future. VW Group CEO Herbert Diess previously mentioned possible plans for the rebirth, of the Thing electric utility vehicle, and VW earlier this year presented a concept for an electric dune train.

And for Beetle fans, VW is helping to prove the future of its original icon. The automaker in September teamed up with British company eClassics to offer electricity conversion.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Price

Rumor has it that a new Volkswagen Beetle is coming in 2022.

Volkswagen Beetle 2022 Release Date

driving VW’s new electric car platform and possibly getting a set of rear doors. As for the estimated price that will rise significantly above $ 21,790, this price is still our speculation.