2023 Volkswagen Passat: All-New Volkswagen Passat Exclusive Review

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2023 Volkswagen Passat is such a popular mid-size car that in the next generation we expect Volkswagen to redesign it to be offered exclusively in wagon form. So far the global Passat uses the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform and the redesigned model will use the latest version of this platform.

The 2023 Volkswagen Passat Sedan could also be an interesting alternative to the production version of the ID. Aero concept car showed earlier this year. As for the electric sedan, it is also expected to use the ID.6 name.

The ID.6 version has been confirmed by the Motor authority to also be sold in the US and will appear in local showrooms. Production of the new 2024 Volkswagen Passat will take place at the VW Group plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The 2023 VW Passat powertrain consists of inline-4s which also includes a plug-in hybrid configuration and the redesigned Passat Alltrack soft-roader will also be present.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Review

2023 Volkswagen Passat New

It’s interesting if it’s true that the ninth generation of the MQB-based VW Passat comes with a mix of a highly electrified powertrain and plenty of space in the cabin.

Quoting Pappas Thanos on Carscoops reported about the appearance of the 2023 Passat model with an electric powertrain accurately rendered of course combining it with all the information we have about its technical specifications.

It seems that the VW Group will lower R&D costs by jointly developing the next-generation VW Passat and Skoda Superb. It will come in a more practical body style variant.

On the other hand, Volkswagen officials think that a fully electric ID.7 sedan will come to fulfill the role of the discontinued four-door Passat in the automaker’s future lineup.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Redesign

As for the VW Passat 2023 redesign with the prototype, much of the design incorporates the typical straight character lines and greenhouse with a more aerodynamic shape and slightly more pronounced rear shoulders.

The wheelbase is expected to be longer than the current generation which will result in a roomier cabin and stouter proportions.

The front end of the new Passat will definitely share some of its design features with models from the ID lineup. The modern LED headlamps are connected to the VW emblem through a thin illuminated grille.

The bumper section will feature a wide center opening that provides ample cooling for the combustion engine and two taller side intakes similar to the soon-to-be refreshed Skoda model range.

On the rear side VW designers gave horizontally mounted taillights that are similar in shape to the ID.4 and the slim rear bumper makes room for large rear doors. The Volkswagen Passat 2023 features a more prominent spoiler and offers an Alltrack variant of the new Passat featuring crossover-inspired styling cues.

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2023 Volkswagen Passat Specs

The Passat’s wheelbase is likely to be extended to a highly rivaling 2.85 meters. While that should translate into more legroom for rear-seat passengers, the extra length will also be used to increase luggage space, carving out a new niche for the Passat as the brand’s most practical non-SUV or commercial vehicle-based offering.

The new Volkswagen Passat 2023 offers more space than ever, the next-generation Volkswagen Passat is unlikely to be offered as a sedan, with the new model going to be available as an estate or hatchback.

A new lease term will be awarded to the Volkswagen Passat in 2023 after the German company gave the green light for the introduction of the all-new B9 generation.

It will be built in Bratislava alongside the Touareg SUV, although it will continue to use the basics of the MQB brand. Eventually, the Passat will share the same production line as the next-generation Skoda Superb, which is being developed alongside it. VW’s family car has moved from its traditional home in Emden in Germany to make way for the ID.4 SUV and production versions of the ID. Vizzion salon and ID. Space Vizzion housing concept.

Auto Express understands that the new Passat could be offered as a spacious estate or more practically a hatchback, in its current saloon premises. Our exclusive images show what the next-generation Estate will look like.

Versatility and practicality will be priorities for the new model so putting some distance between it and the slimmer, but similarly sized Arteon. The new Golf Estate has also increased in capacity to rival the current Passat Estate, so the latter is feeling pressure from above and below in the VW lineup.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Interior

The interior of the 2023 Volkswagen Passat features a center section with a free-standing touchscreen measuring 15 inches in diameter as in the ID.7. The Sert is also equipped with sliders for temperature and volume control that will most likely be illuminated.

New Passat 2023 The digital instrument cluster is much larger than in the EV.

It can be assumed that the Passat will get the latest advancements in terms of ADAS from the VW Group portfolio coming with Level 2+ or even Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities.

More importantly, the cabin is expected to offer plenty of space for rear passengers and a large trunk close to the 650 lt (23 cubic feet) of the outgoing Passat variant.

The interior is nothing less than what you would find in a premium sedan and it has a decent amount of space to accommodate 5 passengers in it and that too in a very comfortable and promising way. The Passat’s interior may also be slightly wider to offer more shoulder room than it already has.

The seats will be as comfortable and confident as ever and there will be plenty of storage space and comfort features in the Passat cabin to make it even more practical too. The Passat has a decent amount of space inside which isn’t too much, but not too little either. Luggage space is also quite adequate for a standard car.

Volkswagen Passat 2023 interior features include:

  • Power-adjustable front seats.
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control for the front seats.
  • Keyless entry and cargo access.
  • Leather-covered steering wheel.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Tech

The Passat will certainly carry the infotainment system which is currently present in the 2021 version, but an updated form. With the changes in the interior, there may be a new touchscreen infotainment screen coming in that is more intuitive and larger.

The sound system will be available as a 6-speaker unit with an optional upgrade that offers more speakers. The Passat will continue to get connectivity features such as 4G internet access, WiFi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as well as phone connectivity and Bluetooth audio.

Some of the prominent infotainment features in the Volkswagen Passat 2023 are:

  • Updated infotainment system
  • 6-speaker audio system
  • WiFi hotspot 4G internet access
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity
  • Steering wheel control for the infotainment system as well as cruise control

2023 Volkswagen Passat Exterior

The Passat 2023 is expected to have an updated exterior this year. The Passat will get a facelift with a 2021 Arteon-inspired design, meaning there will be a new grille, sleek side profile, and a classy rear that showcases the true essence of Volkswagen’s design ideology.

Along with slightly updated front and rear fascia, the Passat might also get some optional wheels with updated designs to keep up with the new avatar.

The Passat 2023 will most likely have the same wheelbase as the previous one which helps it get better cornering ability and stability than other cars in this segment. It may also be wider at the rear to increase track width and allow more space in the cab.

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2023 Passat Liftback Diesel

Traditional family cars have lost significant ground to crossovers and SUVs, but Volkswagen has announced that it will not give up the Passat in Europe.

The D-segment model is expected to be updated in about two years, with the all-new B9 generation continuing to battle it out with brands like Opel/Vauxhall Insignia.

The new Passat is conceived to use the VW Group’s MQB platform, AutoExpress reports, albeit in a smarter packaging that will open up more space for rear passengers. The wheelbase is said to be stretched to the same extent as its Czech cousin, the Skoda Superb, and boot capacity should be increased. Moreover, if these rumors are true, then the sedan could turn into a liftback and might join the estate body style.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the next-generation Passat, along with its brethren Golf, T-Roc, Tiguan, and Tayron, will be more fuel efficient, as they will embrace a more modern plug-in hybrid architecture that will support higher electric ranges. up to 100 km (62 miles).

The quoted website believes that for the Passat, the automaker will introduce two different options. The basic electric variant can get a total output of around 200 HP, while the GTE might arrive with a little over 240 HP.

It’s unclear if it will get a regular petrol powertrain, but the diesel might live. The 2.0 TDI is conceived to make its way under the hood of the new-gen Passat in different outputs, ranging from under 150 to nearly 200 HP, with the 4Motion all-wheel drive system being offered at the high end.

The battery-electric version will not happen, because that role will be taken by the new car, previewed by ID. Space Vision Concept.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Hybrid

The all-electric drive will be catered for by the upcoming production version of ID. Space Vizzion, so the Passat can continue to meet the needs of buyers who want traditional resources.

The popularity of diesel in this segment has slumped over the last few years, but the Passat will continue with the TDI option. An updated version of the brand’s 2.0 TDI turbocharged unit will be housed under the hood, in conditions ranging from 148bhp to 197bhp, while 4MOTION all-wheel drive will also be available.

Gasoline power will play a secondary role but will be an important bridge toward expanding the plug-in hybrid offering, with two options anticipated.

The entry-level hybrid model will develop around 200bhp, but a 242bhp GTE model is also likely to go on sale, with a larger battery than the 13kWh unit used in the current Passat GTE. This would allow for a much longer electric range, perhaps up to 60 miles.

Matching a larger package will improve charging technology, with a move from 3.6kW to 11kW AC charging.

Volkswagen Passat Electric 2023

German automotive publications AutoBild and AutoZeitung provide information on the next-generation VW Passat, discussing the regional powertrain strategy for Volkswagen’s old nameplate. Work on the new VW Passat 2023 has begun and the midsize car codenamed VW B9 continues at MQB and will come as a plug-in hybrid and have a pure electric counterpart.

The Volkswagen 2023 model should appeal to both corporate and family car drivers with large space requirements, says Auto Zeitung. Future Passats will share the assembly line with the next-generation Skoda Superb in Bratislava, and their wheelbase is expected to increase by about five centimeters (2,841 mm).

Luggage volume can also be increased. The days of four-door sedans in Europe are numbered; the future belongs to the Passat Estate and the new five-door version.

Unlike the VW Arteon coupe, this sedan will not have frameless doors but rather classic door frames. As before, the new Passat will offer a wide selection of engines consisting of turbo gasoline, turbodiesel with Twin Turbo, SCR catalytic converter technology, and plug-in hybrids. As plug-in hybrids are likely to become popular in 2023, VW will also be working to offer a fast charging system, the report concludes.

As early as February last year, it looked like the Volkswagen Passat, one of the longest-serving nameplates globally would take the electric path to its next generation, as reports from across the pond suggested. This possibility was confirmed by Johan de Nysschen, COO of Volkswagen America, to Roadshow, CNET at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show.

Passat product programs in the US and Europe have different schedules. The latest generation of sedans was launched in 2019 in the US (vehicles were produced for the US market with some differences), while in Europe the Passat is currently on sale since 2015.

And the new electric Passat for the US market will be the production version of Volkswagen’s ID Vizzion concept, which was first shown at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

Volkswagen presents the Vizzion concept as a next-generation avant-garde premium sedan that can be driven autonomously, can be operated with voice and gesture control, and has artificial intelligence. The project is codenamed ‘Aero B,’ and the electric model will be in American showrooms in 2023.

According to German Auto Bild, the Vizzion Concept was a major influence in designing the electric counterpart of the Passat Varian (Passat Estate), which the publication says could be called the VW ID.7. The report notes that overall dimensions will be similar to the concept with slight changes, so expect nearly 4.96 meters in length, 1.9 meters in width, and 1.56 meters in height, which is in line with rumors of larger body size.

Inside, the electric Passat will offer a buttonless 15.6-inch central infotainment system equipped with a HUD driver and a small screen to display important parameters, including speed and odometer. The steering wheel will be buttonless as it will feature a capacitive screen for switching through different menus.

The Passat Variant EV seats will feature AppleSkin, where 20 percent of the leatherette will be from apple residue. In future model year updates, this material could also have a metallic finish, reports Auto Bild.

Lastly, the electric real estate will be provided with an 82 kWh battery with a 279 hp electric motor at the rear axle for the base variant, while the AWD model gets a 102 hp motor at the front axle in addition. This should unlock a range of 590 km on the WLTP cycle.

The ID Vizzion gets an electric AWD system that is driven by two electric motors, produces a combined power of 225 kW, and is powered by a 111 kWh high-voltage battery. The distance traveled is 665 kilometers. This concept car measures 5,163 mm in length, 1,947 mm in width, and 1,506 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3,100 mm.

With Volkswagen pumping billions of dollars into the MEB electric architecture and planning to sell one million electric vehicles worldwide by the end of 2023, it’s no surprise that the next-generation Passat will be electric in some countries.

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Volkswagen Passat Trim 2023

The Volkswagen Passat 2023 will likely be offered in three trims, the basic S, SE, and R-line sporty trim. Since trim details for the Passat 2023 haven’t surfaced yet, we’re speculating on the details. The ongoing base S model trim costs $23,995.

It adds heated rearview mirrors with a memory function, 6-way manually adjustable front seats with upholstery, a multifunction steering wheel, and cruise control. Some of the standard safety features include blind-spot monitoring, reverse camera, and rear-traffic alert.

The mid-trim SE comes at a premium of $3000 and adds dual-zone automatic climate control and remote start features. The trim gets additional features such as auto-dimming mirrors, keyless entry, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

At $29,995, the top-of-the-line R-line gets high-end and high-end tech features. This trim gives you additional features such as a Discover Media unit and a Fender Premium Audio system along with the Adaptive Front Lighting System and Light Assist.

We recommend the Passat SE as the most value-for-money model. It includes essential features such as LED lighting, 17-inch wheels, a sunroof, leather seats, keyless entry, remote start, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

2023 VW Passat Powertrain

The engine lineup will reportedly consist of gasoline (TSI) and diesel (TDI) powertrains with mild hybrid technology allowing them to comply with the strict Euro 7 emissions regulations. More importantly, the Passat will also be available with an updated plug-in hybrid setup.

This plug-in hybrid tops the list in terms of power output, performance, and eco-friendly credentials. The PHEV will most likely combine the newly updated 1.5 TSI Evo2 gasoline engine with an electric motor, producing up to 268 hp (200 kW / 272 PS) of power.

This figure has been officially confirmed by VW for its future PHEV, alongside a targeted EV range of up to 100 km (62 miles) between charges.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Price

So far there is no official information, but from what we see there is not much difference from the previous year, we expect the price to reach a Base MSRP of $26,600.

2023 Volkswagen Passat Release Date

We firmly believe that the 2023 Passat variant is expected to debut in the next few months and be produced at the Bratislava, Slovakia plant.