2022 VW Passat: The Next-Gen Volkswagen Passat Preview, Price and Release Date

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2022 VW Passat the VW Passat sedan enters 2021 with slight tweaks as it undergoes a mid-cycle refresh for 2020. As well as its massive rear seat, this large, Tennessee-made VW sedan benefits from a very large trunk that offers about 16 cubic feet of space.

Even though the Passat gets a sharper styling for 2020, this massive VW sedan remains handsome in a conservative and understated way. Competitors like the Toyota Camry and the new Kia K5 look pretty wild in comparison.

Other Passat competitors include the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Malibu, and Mazda 6. While the Passat is far from being the best-selling in this class, it has a 2-year free maintenance plan from VW, plus a good 4 years. -years / 50,000 miles guaranteed.

The 2022 Volkswagen Passat is still a rumor because there is no official information from Volkswagen, but from 2021, the Passat S gets a leather shift knob, steering wheel, and emergency brake handle.

The mid-level Passat SE gets 18-inch alloy wheels and a standard sunroof, while the R-Line now features navigation, Fender Premium Audio sound system.

Volkswagen unveiled a major facelift for the Passat for its 2020 model. The changes are subtle but everything looks premium and nicely finished. It is a handsome German mid-size with a sensible and efficient German design.

2022 VW Passat Redesign

2022 VW Passat USA A straight line runs across the dashboard and through the door panels and it all looks a little bland. VW designers usually play too safe with design and all end up looking the same.

2022 VW Passat

However, the controls are ergonomically arranged with the buttons precisely where they belong. The materials used feel luxurious and expensive and the build quality is sturdy.

The door closed with a thump which was nice and sturdy and made like a tank. The build quality is exactly what you would expect from a German vehicle.

Being one of the longest sedans in its class, the latest VW Passat packs a spacious cabin. The seats are good and supportive and the driver’s seat can be adjusted electronically as standard.

At the back is where Passat shines. There is plenty of knee room and headroom for passengers to move around and feel comfortable.

Passat Facelift 2022

Volkswagen’s lineup of sedans in China is quite confusing. There are many three-box models offered through local joint ventures with SAIC and FAW. Bamboo Curtain Land is a place where VW still sells cars bearing the Bora and Phideon badges, serving as the indirect successor to the ill-fated Phaeton.

The Passat family is also interesting to discuss. The new Chinese-spec Passat was introduced towards the end of 2018, with a much different design from the European models sold since 2015.

The Chinese version is very similar to the North American version, although the two models are completely different on the outside. That’s because the model sold in China is based on the MQB platform, while the US version still uses the old Passat NMS framework.

Adding to the confusion is the Magotan, which is basically a long-wheelbase version of the Passat sold in Europe. The car is placed between the local Passat and the Phideon in the VW China sedan family, which also includes additional models such as the Lavida, Lamando, and CC (Arteon in international markets).

Interestingly, for the 2022 model year, VW gave a facelift to the Passat in the most populous country in the world. The clear appearance of the updated mid-cycle sedan was published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China after they approved its presence.

The car gets a luxurious front grille, with honeycomb-shaped chrome inserts. Then there are also updated LED headlights and a cleaner front bumper design. The most obvious change is at the rear, where the Chinese-spec Passat gets a full-width light bar. However, we’re not sure if it’s actually lit or just decoration.

Unfortunately, that bad fake exhaust still exists. So is the “280 TSI” badge reserved for the entry-level 1.4-liter powertrain, which is sold alongside the 330 TSI and 380 TSI 2.0-liter models. All three powertrains are only available with a semi-automatic DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission.

Seeing how the North American version is so similar to the Chinese one, we can’t help but wonder if those touches will also apply to the Passat sold in the US. The problem is, it probably won’t happen. Reports say that the production of the midsize sedan in Uncle Sam’s country will be discontinued starting in 2023.

2022 VW Passat Wagon: New Passat 2022

Volkswagon Passat Family life had come knocking, so the go-fast hatchback had to go, eventually replaced by something more ‘sensible.’ Don’t worry though, life isn’t over, you don’t have to kick the dealer to let depression sink in as you stare at SUV after SUV in vain hopes for something with a little zest.

Volkswagen, the brand that most likely gave you hot hatch problems in the first place with the legendary Golf GTI and R, has the answer. While the word ‘Passat’ may not be very strong on fans’ minds, this latest iteration, the 206TSI R-Line might just be the ‘reasonable family car’ solution you’ve been looking for, and VW’s best-kept secret.

Could it be the next best sleeper car, obviating the need to shell out big bucks for the Audi S4 Avant? We picked up one at its Australian launch to find out.

Well, it depends on what you are looking for in a wagon. If you can relate to my opening, you’re looking for the bustle this car has to offer. And if you’re ever willing to pay extra for a hot hatch, I’ll bet you’ll appreciate the extra spending ($63,790, before on-road costs) gets you on the R-Line.

If not? You can save a lot of money by looking at the powerful Mazda6 wagon (even the top-spec Atenza will only cost you $51,390), the style-focused Peugeot 508 GT Sportwagon ($59,490), or the Skoda Octavia RS ($52,990), which at basically a less powerful front-drive variation on the Passat theme.

Our Volkswagen Passat 2022, while only slightly below the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) limit, is unique among its peers, offering the Golf R’s power levels as well as an all-wheel-drive system to set it apart for the discerning driver.

Standard equipment is good, as you’d expect at this price point, with the R-Line featuring 19-inch ‘Pretoria’ gunmetal alloy wheels to match its more aggressive stance and body kit, 10.25-inch ‘Digital Cockpit Pro’ instrument cluster, 9.2 multimedia.

Inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto connectivity, built-in sat-nav, 11-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, leather-appointed interior trim, sport seats with 14-way front seat power adjusting driver, heated, LED headlights full ‘Matrix’ and taillight clusters (with progressive LED indicators), and tri-zone climate (with separate climate zones for rear seats).

The R-Line also prints several bespoke interior trim items and a panoramic sunroof as standard. That’s a lot, and while it still misses the holographic heads-up display and wireless charging case offered by its rivals, it’s not too bad for the price it’s being offered.

Again, the engine and all-wheel-drive system are what you’re really paying for here, as the lion’s share of equipment is offered on the more affordable versions in the Passat range.

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Passat GTE 2022

VW Passat GTE 2022 Want to slide into the office and get back on electricity but still love the combustion engine for longer weekend trips? You’ll want a plug-in hybrid, and few come close like the Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate. If you have access to reliable charging, Volkswagen hopes the GTE will tempt you away from cars like the Skoda Superb iV and Ford Mondeo Hybrid.

  • Electric range only is good
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Spacious passenger room

It’s easy to distinguish the GTE Passat from the rest of the Passat lineup as it has the distinctive large C-shaped daytime running lights mounted on the front bumper. You’ll also find blue brake calipers, two covers instead of one for the charging cable and fuel tank, and, of course, the GTE badges on the front and rear.

Inside, there are a few things that make it stand out too, like the blue ambient lighting, blue stitching around the gear lever, and a set of GTE-specific digital dials that tell you additional info like its electric range and the car’s engine time. is helping. Otherwise, it’s a traditional Passat, which says the materials on display are superbly crafted and mostly soft to the touch.

As standard, the GTE is equipped with Volkswagen’s 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also connects to online services, unlocking a variety of on-demand services, including the ability to control functions via your smartphone.

There’s also a similar but optional 9.2-inch display that you get on other versions of the Passat, which is bright and responsive to touch. You can pinch and zoom and stick in a simple destination, which makes it one of the best touchscreen systems available – although the BMW iDrive is ultimately easier to use. The VW 11.7-inch digital dial is also easy to understand and you can browse through three display layouts depending on how you want your information to be displayed.

The front seats of the Volkswagen Passat GTE are an incredibly comfortable place to relax and cover the miles on long journeys. The space in the back isn’t quite as spacious as on the Skoda Superb, but the VW’s softer middle seat makes it better for bringing three adults side by side. Luggage space in both sedans is affected by the built-in battery, but with a capacity of 402 liters, it can still easily carry family luggage.

The GTE combines 1.4-liter petrol, 13kWh battery, and electric motor, meaning that when fully charged it can cover about 34 miles of electricity alone at up to 80mph. When that’s done, the engine will take over, or in sporty GTE driving mode, the two will work together to deliver powerful performance and make the GTE feel really fast.

But driving the Passat fast on country roads isn’t much fun. Its soft suspension and moderately slow steering make it better suited for comfortable and quiet road cruising, something made even more relaxed with VW’s optional Travel Assist which at the press of a button accelerates, brakes, and steers to keep you in your lane. up to 130mph.

It’s also comfortable and easy to drive in the city, all of which add to the highly recommended plug-in hybrid. If having a purely electric driving option suits your driving, then all that’s left to do is decide whether it’s going to be a sedan or an estate.

2022 VW Passat Exterior

The 2022 VW Passat looks set to feature body panels of a new design except for the roof and A-pillars, but it all ends up looking similar to its predecessor.

Careful shoppers can see between the old Passat model vs the new one. The biggest prize is a new chrome blade grille on the front which is now bigger than before.

The high-end model also gets a sporty wheelset with a new design that enhances the Passat’s casual and understated look. It looks like men in suits are looking for serious business opportunities rather than casual men.

The LED lights on the front and rear sharpen the overall look of the sedan. At the rear, the Passat features a fake dual exhaust tip, which is the modern design norm of the auto market.

Passat Facelift 2022 Electric

Volkswagen is planning to launch a wide variety of electric vehicles and it looks like a replacement for the Passat might be among them.

Speaking to Roadshow, Volkswagen of America’s chief operating officer said the Passat has “a limited life” and “It may be a plausible assumption that when this Passat reaches the end of its life cycle, its successor will probably not feature an internal combustion engine.”

Johan de Nysschen did not say when the change could occur, but the US-spec Passat is given an extensive facelift for 2020.

While fancier than its gear-like predecessor, there’s nothing to hide the fact that the car is almost a decade old. and not as good as the European variant.

Sales of the US-spec Passat also slumped when the brand switched from selling 117,023 units in 2012 to just 14,123 units last year.

It was a massive decline and sedans selling in far greater numbers have been killed off by Ford and General Motors.

Of course, the news that the Passat will be electric should not be too surprising as Volkswagen introduced the ID VIZZION concept in 2018.

The model uses the MEB platform and is slated to spawn a production model that will launch in 2022.

That’s still a few years away, but the concept has a 111 kWh lithium-ion battery placed on the floor.

It feeds two electric motors giving the all-wheel-drive model and a combined output of 302 hp (225 kW / 306 PS). More importantly, the concept can travel up to 413 miles (665 km) on a single charge on the New European Driving Cycle.

Since the concept was introduced, Volkswagen has followed up with a wagon variant that “showcases potential production cars for Europe and North America”.

2022 VW Passat Engine

Similar to the 2021 model, the VW Passat 2022 is likely to feature the same 2.0L inline-four-cylinder engine with a less sporty 174 hp.

Gone is the old and soulful V6 motorbike that gives the Passat its charming character. The four-cylinder unit gets the job pretty well done. It loses the sense of urgency and the ‘kick in the pants feels’ but never feels sluggish.

One of the reasons the car feels agile is the 6-speed automatic transmission which supplies power exclusively to the front wheels.

It marries well with the engine and the calibration works fine, whether in town or on the highway. As such, VW is offering a seven-speed DSG in European and Asian markets which is perhaps the superior unit of this vintage car box.

Offline, the performance feels sluggish. Transmission lag coupled with pronounced turbo lag means the new VW Passat is not a dragster and takes an enjoyable time moving even in a relaxed and relaxed manner.

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Neither of these cars has an impressive performance or can be expected of. They are meant to transport people and cargo across the state and they are very good at it.

Passat Facelift 2022 MPG

Since the engine and transmission configurations are expected to be the same as last year’s, the new 2021 VW Passat will have to return 25 MPG in city conditions and 36 MPG on the road as well.

As such, the gearbox can do with one or two ratios more which should bring the Passat closer to rivals like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

As such, the 2.0L petrol engine is equipped with a turbocharger and has proven to be one of the most reliable and fuel-efficient bikes in its class.

The Passat also has the largest fuel tank in the bunch. The large fuel tank provides fewer fuel stops along the way, further adding to ease of use.

2022 VW Passat Price

The 2020 VW Passat receives a heavy middle-aged refresher to spice things up. In true VW style, the changes are subtle but collectively everything looks great and modern.

It is offered in four trim levels and a starting kick range of $ 22,995 which makes it slightly cheaper than some of its competitors.

The R-line model adds character to the drab but reasonable German design and starts at $ 29,565. What’s new in this facelift are the LED lights that shine brightly at both ends straight from the base model.

It makes the whole package look very premium and chic. As such, we’d recommend the Passat SE trim as it comes with several bells and whistles including dual-zone climate control heated front seats, and an updated infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as standard.

2022 VW Passat Release Date

Passat 2022 Release Date Along with the infotainment features, the Passat SE is equipped with a lane guard-assisted safety net and radar-guided cruise control among many others.

The 2021 Volkswagen Passat is expected to start at $ 23,500. The 2022 model won’t see any major changes. The design, powertrain, and interior will remain the same.

However, we might be able to see some changes in the separation of features between the trims. Apart from these minor changes, some changes can also be made on the technology front.

Volkswagen has yet to officially announce an official release date for the VW Passat 2022. However, following the previous launch event, the Volkswagen Passat 2021 will hit dealerships in late 2020.